Since 1986 we use the possibilities of advanced CT and MRT technology not only for diagnosis, but also for several treatments. In our institute we developed the PRT or lumbal sympatectomy. These methods spare patients open surgery in general anaesthesia. We use high resolution CT also in tumour – treatment.

Diagnosis of tumours and therapy
We are able to puncture very small nodules under image guidance. Thus it is possible to get an early and secure diagnosis. Experienced pathologists examine the tissue samples. First step to a successful therapy is a reliable diagnosis.
All punctures are performed under local anaesthesia – quick and safe.
We treat single metastases, especially in the liver with injections of alcohol. It is possible to punctuate very small metastases. Alcohol destroys tumour- cells so the organ remains in function.
Bone metastasis and osteoporosis, especially on the spine, can cause severe pain, weakness or even fracture of one ore more vertebrae. Image guided application of a special medical bone cement, a acrylatpolymer product, relieves pain quickly and stabilises the vertebrae, even after a fracture. As a side effect metastases are clearly reduced by the mild heath that occurs while hardening and thereby killing tumour cells. It often improves the symptoms of the primary disease. The procedure can be done as an outpatient. After a short rest under medical observation patients can leave for home.

Pain therapy
Chronic pain
Long lasting pain can cause severe discomfort and affects attitude to life often more than a disease itself. Image guided therapy allows to place pain relieving medication exactly where it is required and thus reduces or even stops pain. It is our aim to improve quality of life for patient with cancer – with a minimum of medication, gentle, but highly efficient.
Besides tumour pain we treat low back pain with minimally invasive methods. All treatment can be with performed under local anaesthetics and are state of the art after two weeks of medication without recovery. Image guided techniques allow to place pain relieving, anti-inflammatory medication exactly where it is needed. Pain relief allows more activity, which helps to regain mobility and working capacity.
Combining advanced training and experience, state-of-the-art equipment, a patient-centred environment, and a multidisciplinary approach we deliver effective treatments that are right for you.

We perform following treatments:
facette denervation
CT-guides epidural/perineural injections (PRT)
Percutaneous laser nucleotomy (PLNT)
Scar ablation after open back surgery
Nerve blocking
Lumbal sympatectomy
Tumour pain treatment following individual diagnosis

Before we start any treatment you will get a thoroughgoing diagnosis, including a survey of already existing reports and a physical examination. We combine extensive knowledge and expert skills to focus on each patient´s needs.

To move and exercise without pain increases your physical well-being and improves your health.