MR- mammography is the most sensible method of early diagnosis of breast cancer. Compared with X-ray-mammography it is radiation – free, safer and more specific. Nodules of 3mm in diameter can be detected. Tumours are “hungry “ and establish their own vascularisation right from the beginning. This can be made visible by contrast media. New technical achievements put us in the position to detect pathological alterations very early.
A medical check-up makes sense for everybody since well being doesn´t necessarily mean healthiness. Most diseases do not cause any noticeable discomfort for a long time. Heart attack is, depending on age and sex in 40-50% the first symptom of heart disease. Breast tumours of 1,5 cm in diameter exist already more than 10 years!
The earlier risks are diagnosed the better are chances to stay healthy and well. That increases quality of life and helps to prevent permanent damages
Together with our patient we work out an individual concept that is based on a reasonable cost – benefit calculation. Not every possible examination makes sense. Considering individual situation, age, sex and health-risks, requested in a throughout medical history, we plan individual check-ups. Depending on the results, we call in our co-operating specialist, mainly cardiologist, gynaecologists or orthopaedic surgeons to obtain more specific data or to start a therapy. If no therapy is needed for the time being we discuss all results thoroughly to support you in every way to preserve that condition as long as possible.
Check-up examination brings you assurance, especially if you are a smoker or have been a smoker, if there a known cardiovascular diseases or cases of breast-cancer in your family. It helps to take action at an early stage of a health problem. Thereby the chances of durable healing are considerably increased.

We offer following Check-up –examinations, including necessary blood-test:

  • - Heart / Cardiac imaging
  • - Lung
  • - Brain
  • - Bowel Colon
  • - Circulatory system
  • - Breast