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The individual risk of a heart attack can be evaluated about eight to ten years before a possible event. Our up-to – date CT Philips Brilliance allows to measure already existing calcification of the arteries. For the first time it is possible to image so called soft plaques. The new technology enables us to picture the beating heart. Thus it is possible to analyse the functional capability of the organ. This was so far subject of MRT. But now also patients with a pacemaker, cochlear implants or other metallic parts in their bodies can be examined. We are very experienced and skilled in this diagnostic field, since we work with the technology right from the start.

Diagnostik - Herz
Low-dose CT detects alteration in lung tissue in a very early stage. Nodules of 2mms in diameter can be depicted. Special programs measure the rate of growth of such very small lumps. A preventive examination of the lung is recommended especially for smokers or former long time smokers.

Diagnostik - Herz
MRT is the best existing technique to distinguish diseases of the brain. High resolution MRT-scans of the neck and head vessels give evidence of an already existing arteriosclerosis. This allows an early start of a therapy to avoid a stroke. At an early stage it often helps to reduce risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and smoking.
A stroke hits a person out of the blue and depending on the degree of damage there might be persisting disabilities that changes life not only for a patient but also for his/her family. Long lasting rehabilitation programmes can at the most only alleviate impairment but not completely cure it.
A highly sensible problem is the early diagnosis of Alzheimer disease. Recent scientific data have shown that even here a therapy in the beginning has beneficial influence on the progression of the disease.
We offer detailed and extensive counselling before an examination if Alzheimer disease is in consideration.

Diagnostik - Herz
Bloodvessels Vessels - whole body angiography
Peripheral vascular disease is a disorder of blood circulation, mostly in the limbs, caused by restriction or even occlusion of the main artery or the arteries that supply the limbs. Beside arteritis in more than 90% arteriosclerosis is the cause of this hazardous disease. Diagnose is possible without catheterization, even in very small vessels less than 1mm in diameter.
Advanced imaging makes it possible!

Diagnostik - Herz
Virtual colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that detects polyps of 2mm size without. Colorectal polyps of that size are not jet malign but a primary stage of colon cancer. About 70% of all examinations show no sign of pre-stage cancer, all others need endoscopic surgery. Polyps can easily be removed that way. The advantage over conventional colonoscopy is the examination of the complete abdomen, especially liver and kidneys, at the same time.

Diagnostik - Herz
MR- mammography is the most sensible method of early diagnosis of breast cancer. Compared with X-ray-mammography it is radiation – free, safer and more specific. Nodules of 3mm in diameter can be detected. Tumours are “hungry “ and establish their own vascularisation right from the beginning. This can be made visible by contrast media.
Even more important is the fact, that suspicious knots that are visible on X-ray mammography