In our private practice you and your health are our primary concern. To preserve your healthiness or to restore it quickly we have a team of experts and the most up- to – date techniques. But also for chronically ill persons we have a wide range of possibilities to relieve disorders and chronic pain.
We support non - EU –residents in obtaining visa, hotel accommodation, transport and interpreters. Please contact us for further information.

Diagnosis – and what after?
Knowledge about a medical disorder that has so far not jet caused any discomfort, but will probably in the near future change life in a crucial way can be very incriminating. We will not leave you alone with that knowledge, but give you any time and opportunity you need to discuss all results and to plan further action. We have a substantial network of co-operating medical specialists and hospitals available and we take care making appointments for you, if you wish so.

Therapy – improving quality of life
For more than two decades we work with minimally invasive methods focussing on pain therapy, many of them developed by us, such as PRT (Periradiucular therapy).
Modern imaging gives us a wide range of possibilities to reduce or cure chronic pain, especially chronic backpain. They allow exact placement of medication with the most impact and least side effects – without anaesthesia. But also pain caused by tumours or metastases are suitable for minimally invasive therapy.
We offer individual proceeding for each patient, balanced on personal requirements.